Have you been hypnotised without you knowing? If you think you haven't, this might change your mind.

Comply with Me reveals hypnosis tools that Donald Trump has used to make people support him and give him the edge. He is not the only professional persuader using these tricks either.

We can all go into a light trance – when we watch TV or drive. Once our guard is down, other people's suggestions can be accepted by our unconscious minds. 

We cannot ignore hypnosis any longer. Used to influence us, it can distort reality, befuddle and deceive. Used well, hypnosis is a positive force, helping people to improve their lives. Learn techniques for yourself. Find out how to spot when anyone tries to manipulate you with them. You can use hypnosis tools too – at the least, to make sure your beliefs are your own. 

Paperback is now available for advanced orders. ISBN 978-1-9163460-1-7

It is a book you’ll want to read again, and quite probably again!

Available from the 3rd of March 2020 from your local bookshop

ISBN 978-1-9163460-1-7

How easy is it to hypnotise someone...?

A short story from the book, read by The Author Lisa Morgan.

This is a great example of how really easy it is to become hypnotised.

Hypnosis for Self Confidence
Comply with me
Lisa Morgan is Chair of the UK Guild of Hypnosis Practitioners. After teaching and writing about hypnosis for 25 years, she spotted what Trump was doing early in his presidency and felt compelled to expose it

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